Being defrauded by the faceless corporation known as Booking.com?

I am in South Africa and have had a property listed on the platform for about three years. I have never taken money from guests, they always paid BDC who then passed the money onto me less their commission.

Things ran smoothly until the end of 2021, after which BDC apparently decided - for no reason - that I was taking guest payments myself, and that I therefore owed BDC their commission. They proceeded to block my listing and now send me invoices for "their commission" while this message appears on my Extranet: "

"Your payouts are blocked. For more information, please contact our Finance Department."

Ok, I think to myself, something has obviously gone wrong, seems straightforward enough, I'll contact the Finance Department . HAH!!! This is when I discover that it is not possible to speak to anyone other than call-centre employees, who have apparently been instructed not to allow any "Partners" to get contact details for anyone who may be able to help. No senior management or Finance Department people, no-one other than call centre employees who tell me they can see the problem but that I'll just have to wait for the Finance people to get in touch!

It's now been four weeks without payment or contact by someone in authority and I feel my only option is to launch legal action against this fraudulent company. I know of five others who are in the same boat, is there anyone else having this problem? 

BrookAve 1 year ago




the other thing that started near end of 2021 was the 'infamous 10 audit'.

but if a guest only books directly with you BdC have no entitlement to anything.


Its only if the guest books online and

  1. prepays , doesnt turn up , cancel fee deducted then commission on balance.
  2. prepays turns up, then commission
  3. doesnt prepay, not marked no show, not cancelled, report to partner support to mark no show
  4. etc





you can reach us - Public List Method





how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox



Ricardo Rodrig… 1 year ago

Same shit with me. Around 9000 euros missing and they says is a mistake on the bank acoount (lie works perfect and was working allways with booking and nobody change) to say this 1 month, still not paied and same message. Nobody from finanzes contact me via message or phone call. Ridiculous service, this ia the begiin of the end of this company, thry will start losing partners. Is our work, we are not here as a hobby. Mobey and payments is for us the reason to be here.

Ricardo Rodrig… 1 year ago

If i don't recieve my mobey this week, i will not give they keys to booking clients since monday and say to them that i am not paied for 3 month so i need to accept only people that pays me. Airbnb vrbo etc... and i will leave the cliebts of booking on the street and make them call and start moving this. Maybe they will do something when they start recieving claims from cliebts and not from owners...

Susan Schlachter 1 year ago

That's a good plan, actually. It will force them to do something.