Booking.com are are refusing to pay me

Booking.com are refusing to pay me for a booking at my property. According to my Pulse account I was due to be paid on Monday so I called up to which i was told it was actually 10 working days after the guests left which would be today - Thursday 18th... But today no money has been paid.  So they lied to me on Monday.  When I called today I was told they had to verify my property and could not put a time scale on that... the guests stayed at my flat from 31st of October and left on the 5th November - surely that is verification??  They then told me I would be sent an e-mail after my phone call to update me on what they were doing - this did not happen.... again more lies!  They owe me a lot of money, they are wrongly withholding this.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I don't know what else to do. Surely I'm entitled to compensation as they are not doing the service they are charging me for?

Christopher Slack 1 year ago

I would recommend using airbnb they pay you before the guest has left

Christopher Slack 1 year ago

How do you even contact booking.com I've been trying to work it out for almost a week and I am so frustrated

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Claire - Accou… 1 year ago

Hi Christopher,


You can give Booking.com a call here. 


In your extranet under Inbox > Booking.com messages. From here you will either see a ‘Contact Us’ button or ‘See Contact Options’  then under contact us select the relevant topic > Other > then click ‘See all contact Options > Message or Call.


Kindly note that your extranet is the best place to seek help as your inquiry will go to a specific department depending on the topic you choose when you send a message.


Kind regards,



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Nicola Roberts 1 year ago

Us too! And we have more booked in they expect us to host! It’s disgusting! There’s literally thousands of us! They seem to owe millions to their hosts! And you can’t ger an answer from anyone! So sorry