cancellation costs

I have had a guest cancel and I have a strict cancellation policy so I should still receive the full amount.  However, I do have a cleaning charge of £70.  The total amount paid by the guest was £340 which included 70 cleaning fees and 270 room charge.  Will the guest get the cleaning fee back and also I can't see what would happen to booking.com fees?  Any advice would be helpful?  Chris

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

This all depends on how you get paid normally. 

If the guest pays on arrival, then no chance of any payment for you. Mark stay as no show and no commission is payable.

If you charge the guest in advance, directly to you, then you have the option of giving no/full/partial refund. You then pay commission to BDC on the final amount charged, if any.

If BDC pays you after having been paid by the guest, then again you can give a partial refund if you wish. BDC will deduct their commission on the final amount before paying you.

chris horne 1 year ago

Hi Fluff I also charge a cleaning charge.  My confusion is that the guest has sent a photo from their bank account showing a debit of £340 which is broken down as £270 for the room and £70 for the cleaning charge but booking shows that they have only collected £270 which will be paid to me?