Cancellation & payment


I am hoping for some guidance on what to do next.

I accepted a last minute booking on Thursday 27th Jan, the booking was to start on Friday 28th Jan.

They messaged me at midday on the day of their stay, Friday 28th Jan, saying one of their party had tested positive for Covid and woudl I waive the cost of the bookign as they couldn't now come.

I politely confirmed that I did not have a cancellation policy to refund but that Booking.Com might have one and I would abide by their rules.

I didn't hear anything back until 2.00 pm that day, they sent me this message: "I have a few gypsy friends who will make use of the caravan , they live not far from there so they will be with you soon , thanks for nothing and have a good day"

I tried to reply to sort it out but the message board would not let me send a message to them, it was as though they had blocked me or left the Bookng.Com platform.

Very long story short, it all finally calmed down later that evening and we agreed to refund him the cost of his holiday, just for peace of mind.

Today I went onto the bookng and marked him as a 'no show' and I am not sure if that was the right option.  I didnt want to request a cancellation as I thought that might go against me.

Now I have had a message from Booking.Com saying: 

You have no payout

The cancellation policy of this reservation means you won't receive a payout for this booking.

So I have offered to give the booker a refund but it seems I wont receive a payout so will be paying out of my own money.

I really am not sure what to do next, will Booking.Com have wiaved the fee for this guest fo you think, and how would I know?

Thank you in advance,