closed property, no payments received due to verification not being done by booking.com

My property has been closed for 3 months despite promises for months it wouldnt happen.

I couldnt verify as i was locked out of the state where my property is for 6 months, and didnt have enough airbnb reviews as an option

they wouldnt send me a code to where i was, and so they all expired when they were diverted back to me.

Booking.com promised they wouldnt close it but they did!

I finally verified it with a code in december when i flew to my property to get it.

Guess what..?  still not open!   still not paid.

I would say ive messaged every department in booking.com at least 30-40 times and called at least 10 times.

every time they say someone will get back to me and its been escalated to supervisors.

probably the worst partner help, least professional business ive ever dealt with

no concern for my lively hood, and my property income

no chat option for instant help

no real people to talk to in upper management and no one ever fixes anything