Commission Payment Overdue with Suspension notice for - 0.01 cent

Hi Everyone,

I'm a new partner and I would like to ask for advice.

After invoice and commission deduction, the finance left me with a balance to pay of -0.01 cent.  Booking.com keeps on sending me email that I still owes them 2k commission even though the extranet invoice clearly shows the commission has been paid from the set aside commission on one guest booking but with difference of -0.01 cent due for payment 2 months ago.  They already sent suspension alert.  What should I do? They don't have live chat customer service for Booking.com partners and I don't know how to pay -0.01 from a bank and I don't know if the bank will allow that.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Ivana - Commun… 1 year ago

Good afternoon, 

You can send a message to our finance team.

You can compose a message via the extranet under Inbox > Booking.com messages. If there is no "compose new message" directly there then click on See Contact Options > select a relevant topic eg. FINANCE> select a relevant subtopic eg. Other > then click see all contact options > Message > write your message.