we have an issue with one of our last booking, during his stay he wanted to leave 2 nights earlier (he finished earlier his business work).

After the cleaning we recognised a lot of demages what he left: burnt kitchen utensils what we had to trough away, scratched armchair, closed safe to highlighted the biggest ones.

After his stay he wanted a refund of his 2 night, what we were rejected.

In the beginning we started to work with deposit, but these damages appearing during the cleaning, so it doesnt help.

No I would like to know in this is situation what kind of possibilities we have and furthermore what if he writing a bad review.


BrookAve 1 year ago


hi welcome,


  1. Early leavers have no entitlement to a partial refund, unless you decide to do so yourself.
  2. click Report Guest on reservation, fill out, tick Block future Bookings.


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