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Delay in payment!!!

Hi Dear Partners,

To my surprise my pay out for August hasn’t yet received…

Has anybody else have same payment delays???


This is the first time in four years…hope BDC can solve this issue as soon as possible since this is not usual…


Thanks in advance for your feedback and have a nice evening!!!


BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Maria, 


It looks like there has been a handful saying similar, which seems to be the norm every month.

But I suspect they are not in same region as you so root cause may differ.


Probably best to message Ps team for now then follow up by phone if no response after 2-3 days.


Kind Regards

BrookAve 1 year ago




actually i just logged on and i see a royal cock up on thefinance system, I got a outstanding invoice for commission.... 



lmao ... why?

because the payout document for my last payment before i marked my listing as no availability until further notice,  clearly shows invoice minus commission and transfer fee.

someone is dicking around with the document and invoice system.



what appears to be happening is the system already generates payout document, with the full amount, the commission and fee, and then the blance minus all that to be transfered to bank.  

the payout system then makes the correct amount to transfer (minus the commission and transfer fee)



but now after that the same invoice system does not see that this was already deducted and is auto billing us to pay  commission and transfer fee, we dont owe.,




what amazes me here is this was broken like this prior to , I think it was April 2020, then all of a sudden it was fixed and since then was properly auto calc and deduct the fees and transfer the payout balance.




tagging Communities Team   to bring this to next meeting to get it addressed and see who made a cheeky change, to the system?  

Did they fill out a Change Request, with a proper pre test and post test and implementation guide for said change ,and who tech approved it and then who approved the change?  

yes thats actually a thing for a production system.  

Clearly someone didnt do their due diligence in the post test phase, and now they need to escalade this to a P1 ticket internally to get it fixed or roll back the change as is the norm in I.T.  

Hopefully it gets resolved quickly, I will  ignore the invoice and message via extranet.  


Kind Regards

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Barry and thanks for sharing your experience…


Unfortunately, until now I haven’t been paid for August reservations…

I have called my local BDC office but to my surprise it is the first time that all they could say to me is that they will pass my request to the Finance team…asking me to have patience!!!

Today I received a message of payment transfer…but that was for a payment that I already had been paid!!!!

I don’t know what’s happening…only that my expenses are overdue and BDC is not helping…


Thanks again for your post….