Does anyone know what a DP4 payment request is?

We have received this request to pay Booking.com a DP4. Nobody at the call centre knows what it is and there are no details on the invoice.  We don't want to pay until we know what it's for but now Booking.com has blocked our account.  I can't get to the bottom of it and am hoping that someone else has encountered the same problem and has the solution.

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jaybeegee 1 year ago

I am not exactly sure what a DP4 is and there is nothing on the partner help file.

Are you sure it is a legit invoice and not a scam since the booking.com support know nothing about it? 

Did you trying logging into the extranet > Finance > Invoices and see what it says there? If you have an invoice which is overdue and you are not challenging the details you could probably pay it off by bank transfer.


La Casa Compartida 1 year ago

Thanks for your help, Booking just keeps telling us they've escalated the problem!

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago


Sorry to hear about your payment problems.

I have similare one...a DZ .... maybe D stands for deduction????

I have send millions of messages through my Extranet inbox to BDC since September....but still no reply....

My local BDC office has no idea...forwarded my request to BDC headquarters....no reply...

Sorry, I could not help you more...


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Jarratt - Acco… 1 year ago

Hi all, I'm not a Finance expert with Booking.com but work in the partner services team (just to be clear). It sounds like you have all taken this step already, but if there is an outstanding amount appearing in your Finance tab and you want to query it, you can send a message directly to the Finance team via the Inbox (just choose 'Finance' as the topic). The partner support team may be able to escalate your request to Finance by sending an internal request. Apologies for the current delays but once a message has been sent to Finance and escalated with the support team, it will be logged in the support queue and responded to as quickly as possible. 


Kind regards, 


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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Thousands of messages to Finance Team…no response…only automated apologies!!!


Thanks for your kind suggestions….