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Fake Reservations

Just wondering if any other UK accommodation suppliers were being flooded with obviously fake reservations via Booking?

Guests from outside the UK booking extended stays for 25 nights, 7 nights etc. The cards are always declined and often even flagged by Booking before we even get them. I am pretty sure the paperwork i.e. Booking's confirmation emails are being used to support visa applications. In the past we've had Border Force contact us before looking for people who have overstayed their visa but aside from the initial Booking fake reservation we have never seen or spoken to the "guest" in question.

I'm putting the rooms immediately back out for sale but it's ruining my cancellation rate.

Anyone else experiencing this?

BrookAve 1 year ago


i would use the New Reservation template with a prepay deposit or rate process with a time limit, to then be able to cancel these quickly when they fail to within the time limit.


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