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What is the advantage of the Genius programme? All I see is you reduce room rates. No info anywhere on whether commission fees are higher/ lower/ stay the same. Could mean getting a lower income for me with zero advantages.

Hiw can I make a decision with only half the information?

Can someone advise please.

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Fluff (new account) 2 years ago

The Genius programme may be of use to new properties, as a way of climbing the visibility ladder and getting those first bookings in. Once you are established then dump Genius.

The qualification for guests to be Genius members is pitifully low so is just another way for BDC to make you offer more discount to the general public.

In our experience Genius members are far more likely to cancel their booking and are, generally, lower quality guests. We dumped Genius a long time ago.

The way it works financially is that you give a Genius discount on your normal or promotional rate (Genius always stacks) and BDC charge their contracted commission rate against the resultant room rate.

Therefore, "Could mean getting a lower income for me with zero advantages."   Basically, yes!

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Claire - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Jane,

Genius has really grown since Booking.com established the membership programme. This article goes into more details of the Genius Programme so I would definitely have a read!


The biggest advantage of the programme is that it increases your ranking and visibility on Booking.com and can increase conversion.

There are Genius guests and Genius properties. The Genius property just has to have their lead in room (best selling room) as part of the Genius Programme at 10% off. Think of it as a sale sign outside a shop window. The sign is attractive and will make people walk in. Genius works the same with the Genius tagging. Booking.com gets the guest to your page. We often find that Genius guests opt into booking the higher priced non Genius rooms as well. Booking.com has matched the guest to your property and then the guest still has the option to book the Genius room or be upsold.

Another benefit is that once the guest has landed on your listing your property will most likely be ranked high on their list if they search for your city/town again.

If the guest has signed into their Booking.com account then Booking.com may also send out targeted marketing emails to the guest to remind them about booking your property. We also work with social media channels as well.

The best reason to have Genius is that guests want to see the value in what they are booking. Genius creates that value. That is why properties that have other value adds do so well. Be it breakfast, free room upgrade, 10% off their lead in room.

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