Guest reservation and payment

I am writing to you in connection with a booking made about 10 days ago (2913468993; IATA/TIDS: PC029090). Please return the full amount to the guests and we agree that it will be without commission, because the guests had to cancel the reservation.
Please return me an answer as to whether the amount will be refunded.

BrookAve 1 year ago


Incorrect procedure.

  1. Since guest is the one cancelling, direct them back to their own account to click CANCEL on the booking.
  2. They will have option to request waive cancel fees.
  3. You then receive the notification and action to click agree.
  4. System then updates and refunds any held prepaid funds.


Literally that simple.

Should the guest do it too close to the arrival date they just do the same via Customer Services on main website.


Failing that you can ask Partner Support.


nope they are not here, just us leprechauns here. contact them directly as per below.




Where you can reach us - << Public info method #3


how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox