How can I contact customer support regarding payout problems?


Can anybody please help me to find a way to contact the customer support?

I read I shold do it in my Extranet Inbox. But there is no way to create a new message?!

I need to contact Booking.com customer support to discuss a payout that did not work fine.

I hope somebody can guide me! Thank you!

Best regards, Henrik

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jaybeegee 2 years ago

On the desktop version of the extranet inbox - do you see the drop down options reservation message and booking.com message?

Once in the booking.com message option on the right hand side you should have the various contact options.

They seem to have removed the option to upload an image as would otherwise share a screenshot.

Henrik Nevala 2 years ago

Hello Jaybeegee! Thank you for assisting me!

Now I found the way to the different categories. Will start reading now. Thank you! :-)