How to charge VCC in Paymaya

Hi All,

Until beginning of 2021 I had no problem to charge Booking.com VCCs in Paymaya system.

It seems they have changed their system, now requiring a first name and last name for the credit card.

I have only a "name" Booking.com (Agent), which is not recognized as a name because there are brackets and a full stop (a dot) so that this pseudo name is rejected.

Tell me please how to fill up these fields:

first name:

last name

in order to proceed with the payment.

Thanks in advance.


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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Daniel, 

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately I am not sure how Paymaya works as we do not have it in my region. Please reach out to your local team for further guidance. You can compose a message via the extranet under Inbox > Booking.com messages. If there is no "compose new message" directly there then click on See Contact Options > select a relevant topic eg. Account > select a relevant subtopic eg. Other > then click see all contact options > Message > write your message.


Daniel THIEBAUT 2 years ago

OK thank you Janita.

Already done. I'm waiting for their answer.

Daniel THIEBAUT 2 years ago

Paymaya does not work anymore to collect VCC payment.

Can you help me?