How To - Deposit handling during booking on BdC - Dec 2021


  • So it seems the Policies page now has new settings available for Deposits.
  • Under Property Menu > Policies, scroll down to Dame Deposit near bottom.
  • Quick overview of what you can set.




Pay options include : 


  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Cash
  • Credit Card


I reccomend you add a section at top of the New reservation template also to cover this, and important also set a time limit, so when the fake booking /No Show happens you can cancel it sooner.


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Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

These options will depend on each partner. Newer partners may be restricted to cash only and may have to ask a million times for bank transfer as an option. If cash is the only option available, switch to AirBnB / VRBO / TripAdvisor.

If you get the option to take damage deposits by bank transfer, you will need to contact the guest to ask them to pay. The easiest way is to use a message template for your Booking Confirmation message and put your payment information in there. Remember to ask guests to provide their bank details for the refund - you may need to chase them several times for payment and also for bank details for the refund. IMPORTANT - the guests that complain most are the ones who don't give you their bank details for the refund.