I want to add credit card payments as a host, how do I get this going?


I have just signed up as a host on Booking.com and I now want to offer credit card service via Booking.com.

How do I start this facility within Booking.com? 

Jonathan Gardner 1 year ago

Thanks BrookAve,

How do I apply for it? Doesnt seem to be any obvious link etc.

BrookAve 1 year ago


BdC only provide these 2 methods:


  1. VCC aka BdC Online Payments - you still need a payment service provider equipment and or virtual terminal service.
  2. Payments by Booking, you dont need to collect anything except optional charges,, during the stay.


I strongly recommend neither of these, as you only have to read all the other posts of people waiting months for BdC to unfrezze payouts due to location verfication and quality 10 day reviews not being completed by BdC in a timely manner and instead going on for months.


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Janita - Accou… 1 year ago

Hi Jonathan, 

Thanks for reaching out. You can see what guest payment options you have set up via the extranet under Property > Policies > Other policies > Guest Payment options. 

If you have that you have credit cards set up, you are able to charge the guest credit cards. If you have a new listing, the property has to go through verification so you might only have these details visible to you 2 weeks prior to checkin. 

You can adjust your guest payment options here as well, depending on what you are eligible for. 

rayene kanoun 2 months ago

I have the same problem . so in other words if i haven't verfied my propety yet  i wont be able to add credit card payments  right ?