Missing Payout

" Dear Partner, Thank you for working with Booking.com. This email is in regards to the reservation id(s) 3946.577.667 & 3032.300.086. Please be informed that as we have checked the payment for both the reservations is facilitated by you only and not by Booking.com. Hence, we would request you to please settle the payment directly with the guest as Booking.com is only liable for a payout if the payment is handled by Booking.com. Thank you for your cooperation. Kind regards,"


Can anyone help me understand this issue? I am a new host in Booking.com and I have not received my payout. Thank you

BrookAve 2 years ago


Welcome Neel, 


This is a common misconception and mistake with partners, who didn't do their home work first before signing up

  1. by default in most countries, the BdC payment method after registration , defaults to YOU MUST COLLECT FROM GUEST.
  2. This means you can use any payment method via a 3rd party and insert that process and methods and a time limit into your New Reservation template.
  3. Once the guest fails to prepay ,say with in 3 days, you now have the right to cancel their reservation. This is a godsend to prevent No shoes and fake bookings.


3rd Party Payment Methods explained and advantages over BdC methods.





Where you can reach us


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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Neel, 

Thanks for reaching out. As per BrookAve, when you set up your listing on Booking.com you have set up that you are responsible for taking payments from the guest yourself. 

You can see what your payment options are via Property > Policies > Other policies > Guest Payment options. This could be set up as credit cards or cash or Payments by Booking. If it is cash or credit card, you are required to take this payment from the guest yourself.