no more CVC codes shown on reservations

I see that this has been queried here before and Booking.com does not reply to this specific problem

Apparently, the CVC will be shown on day 2 after the guests arrival. What use is this to hotels in case of non refundable bookings that are charged at the time of the booking or no shows of regular bookings? We won't be able to recoup the cost. It is not correct that the CVC is not shared with us and I'm considering not longer offering at least non ref rates to the booking.com channel.

When you call CS, they tell you to decline the booking.. what's the point of that?! Or they say that they will check if the guest is willing to share the code with you.

This issue, together with the fact that most no shows can't be charged because of guests invalidating their cards or not having funds, is a real problem.

I wish we had more support from Booking.com, esp in these times of financial hardship

Plus using the VC card is a better guarantee, however the bank charges on these types of cards are astronomical, it's like  a 2% extra commission...


Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

I constantly read about problems with people paying by credit cards .... and all can be easily fixed by using Payments by Booking.com ....

Garden View Hotel 1 year ago

Correct, but the virtual cards are more expensive to charge than a guest card on arrival. To charge a foreign business credit card (ie the VC) costs about 2-3% per transaction. If I put the prices up to cover this, Booking will complain that they don't have parity with other operators

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VB 1 year ago

Hello, I was under the impression that this is for first time Booking.com hosts. I was told that after a few bookings this issue goes away?



Martina Ferracane 7 months ago

I am very upset about the lack of support of booking for this issue. It seems all done on purpose to force you to use booking payments... As they make it very hard to recover the money otherwise.