no-show - what happens now?

I am new to booking.com I used another platform so far. My first booking.com reservation resulted in a no-show. I marked it a no-show. I can't see the credit card details. I wonder what happens now? Will I receive any help from booking.com or am I alone on this?

Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

You took the payment using Payments by Booking.com, didn't you? That means the guest paid at the time of booking, just like on AirBnB etc, which is great.

You made all booking dates non-refundable, didn't you? If so, that's great, you get paid regardless.

Of course, if you've made the mistake of taking card payments, you've opened yourselves to fake bookings with fake cards, which cause your calendar to be blocked and prevent you taking genuine bookings, and you get no money and may still have to pay commissions to BDC .....


chalet Peace A… 1 year ago

The rate was non-refundable. I did not setup anything specific regarding to payments. There seems to be credit card details, but I can't see them. How do I setup payments via booking.com?

Actually I regret setting up this accout. Booking.com is horrably complicated and their comission seems to be money for nothing.