No shows

hi, sorry if this has been asked before..... how do I change a no show if I can’t see the 3 numbers at the back of the card? Or how can I see the 3 numbers is they are *** on the bank details?  

Thank you. 

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

You need to request BDC to add the CVC (rear code) to the booking requirement. Without it you cannot implement any kind of payment policy that covers prepaymnet, cancellation or no shows.

For your current no show the best BDC can do is request the booker to send the details anew, which of course they won't so no payment this time unfortunately. Leave this one as no show and waive the payment, therefore BDC will not charge you the commission. If you have already marked it as no show & chargeable, you will now need to contact BDC to change it to payment waived.