Online payments

Hi We are considering signing up for online payments. I notice that if you still have funds on your virtual credit card after 1 year, these then belong to Booking.com. Outrageous (and surely not legally enforceable). But anyway.. my question: Please can somebody confirm that it is possible to make transfers out of the virtual credit card without additional charge? Can I make transfers direct to our bank account, or do I have to go through PayPal or whatever?

What is the general view regarding using Booking.com online payments?


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Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

We don't trust the VCC system - just look through this community to see all the owners / hosts / partners complaining about no shows, non payment and other VCC related problems.

We use Payments by Booking.com on all the properties we manage. This makes it just like AirBnB etc in that guests pay at the time of booking. We don't get no-shows. It can take a few weeks for the money to come through, but it comes.