I need to find out if I wil receive my outstanding payments today???


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Fluff (new account) 2 years ago

Not here on this forum of other partners as we have no access to your account, you'll need to chase the finance department via extranet.


If you search this forum though you will find hundreds of complaints from other properties that have not been paid for months on end. 



BrookAve 2 years ago


Are you on default method - guest pays you?

If not and you are on VCC by BdC, then setup your bank details under Finance menu, then request to be removed from Online Payments by Booking, this then triggers a payout to the bank details.


then you are back to the default, so now what you do is:


I would advise instead:

  • Sign up for or setup 2 or more 3rd party methods
  • bank transfer, paypal, wise, square, izettle, sumup, etc
  • Insert into New Reservation template the options and process along with a time limit.
  • The time limit is key here ,to block scams/No Shows. min 24h for non Last Minute bookings.
  • Be Creative. By default your account should be on guest pays you.
  • But if you have VCC by BdC enabled you need to get that turned off.


Note without a prepay method, you cant get blood out of a stone, so matter what your cancel policy is, you get nothing, until you change to prepay.