Hello everyone. I want to write about my problem. I signed up with Booking.com a month and a half ago and started hosting. I am having problems with payment. I contacted Booking.com for help a month ago. They sent me links. I followed the link, but these tips did not work, because when I wanted to change the payment method, the settings did not work and there is a link. The instructions do not work. I did so, but Booking.com did not help me in any way and did not answer. I want to know why all these instructions if they don't even pay attention to them? Why "Not check-in", "Guest did not pay" Why "Bank cards are not valid" if they do not check it. How to withdraw money if Booking.com intentionally does not show the CVC code? I worked a month empty. Booking.com puts everything on me and is not responsible for anything. They write to me that they are not responsible for anything. I applied a month ago and still cannot get clear answers and get paid. They say I had to apply in time, although I applied as soon as I received the first invoice. When they talked on the phone, they said they would help, and then they write in email that they could not help. Vicious circle. What do you advise? I would be grateful to everyone.

BrookAve 2 years ago



  1. Tell them to turn off VCC issued by BdC or get 3rd party service that supports VCC. Ccv is only revealed on day 2 of stay.
  2. Better yet once you are back to default method of direct with guest, setup your own prepaid methods, and add to new reservation template,  with time limit, prevents fake, and no shows.