Payment delays

So just to update, I've today received a payment from a guest stay which started on 23rd December, that's 15 days even though I'm set up for weekly payments. I have now closed my calendar to Booking.com and will be using Airbnb exclusively as I get paid the day after the guest arrives and this simplifies my small business accounting as I don't have to analyse invoices and try go figure out which payments are included, this is especially complicated for booking at ghe very end or thd beginning of the month. Having one simple, fast paying booking system is going to make such a difference. 

BrookAve 2 years ago


Check-in 23rd Dec

what was the check out date ?

as it depends on when the checkout date occurs as to whether or not its included in the next weekly payout.


If I remember right it has to occur before the next Thursday, so the Wednesday at latest.

On the Thursday the system reconciles and calculates. generates the invoice document, which appears on the  Finance > Docs & invoices page.







mark scarratt 2 years ago

Yes that's it, Thursday after guest departure is payout day. But that still doesn't account for a 15 day wait for money to arrive in my bank account.

The trouble with this system is guests leaving on Friday, 6 days before payout! 

You can't beat getting paid without fail on the day after your guest arrives 

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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago

HI Mark, 

Thank you for your feedback. I would suggest looking at your when you guest leaves. 

If this guest checked in on 23 Dec/Thurs then checked out on 30 Dec/Thurs, then they fall into the payment run for week of 30 Dec - 5 Jan which happens on 6 Jan, as an example. This fits in with your weekly payout schedule which is based on checkout date, not check-in date. As to when this actually hits your account, this can vary based on banking institutions. It also happens with a lot of other life factors, such as transferring money to friends or family etc. If one person banks with one bank and one with another it can vary as to when I get their money into mine if I have paid for dinner, for example. 

I hope this helps explain the process.