Pricing my flat

In my first year I've noticed that Booking.com describe the flat as 'One room" and the rates decrease with the number of people staying in the two bedroom flat. If two people book and use both bedroom the costs are exactly the same as if four people were staying however they pay much less. I need advice for next year. How can I price the number of rooms used and stop the notification of one room occupied (without breakfast) its not an hotel. I am a newbie so would greatly appreciate some advice,

Thank you


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Jarratt - Acco… 2 years ago

Hi Pauline, 


Pricing on booking.com is currently set per occupant, not per room so it is difficult to advertise a 'per room' price based on the info you've shared above. 


You could potentially load two separate 'rooms' for your flat; a 'one bedroom flat' priced for 2 people, and secondly a 'two bedroom flat' priced for 4 people - linking the availability to each other so that if someone books the one bedroom flat, the two bedroom flat is taken offline and not bookable. 


The options to link inventory for 2 different offers to the one flat will depend on if you use a channel manager or if you manage your rates directly in the extranet. This is just general advice; please contact the Partner Support team for any specific guidance with this, or any other questions you may have about your listing. 


You will find contact details for the support team in the extranet where you can choose to send a message, or access the Partner Support phone number. Both options are available by clicking on the Inbox tab, then choosing 'Booking.com Messages'. 


You can compose a message to the support team, or find the contact number by clicking 'other options' on the right hand side, and following the prompts. 


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