Providing guests with an invoice

We have some guests who want an invoice for their stay - fine. However, and despite what it says on BDC, I find it very strange that I need to provide an invoice for the amount that is paid to BDC when I receive less than that. It really feels like false accounting. Does anyone else have this issue and importantly, has anyone had a financial issue after providing an 'inflated' invoice from tax authorities or the like?


thanks in advance!


BrookAve 2 years ago


  1. Guest invoice is only for business travelers 
  2. setup a invoice template on ms excel or similar or use tradeshift.com
  3. Business traveler must provide :
    1. business email address
    2. business name and address
    3. business company reg and vat numbers
  4. you nedd add a line item for the stay with the dates , 1 unit , cost = the billed amount on extranet reservation page.
  5. dont break it down other than the vat, subtotal then total.


literally that simple but only offer it if they provide all the business info first, other wise say dont do receipts if not for business expenses.


this is perfectly normal, nothing false about it