Refunds of the "non-refundable" rate

I have a guest who had booked over 10 days ago, and selected the non-refundable rate. Yesterday they cancelled and I will apparently receive nothing for this. 


Can you please explain why you have a non-refundable rate if people can later receive a full refund?

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Fluff (new account) 2 years ago

It very much depends on how you get paid and your cancellation policies.

If you're receiving physical payment at time of check-in, directly from the customer, then any kind of no refund policy is total folly. You simply will not get paid.

If payments by Booking.com is available to you this may be a route to investigate, although seeing feedback here it seems this system is leaving many partners chasing their overdue payments for months on end.

Another possibility is talking to your bank and see if they will provide you with an EDC (card machine) that you can process customer-not-present payments on.

You can also ask for payments by bank transfer, let the guest know they have X-time to pay or their booking will be voided.

Failing that, a third party card processing company, there are several international ones, may be used to obtain advance payments.

Once you have the full amount or a deposit paid in advance your cancellation policies will have teeth.