Risk free booking and No-shows

A guest booked my place during the peak season, she wanted to stay from 28 Dec to Jan 2 and booked 2 weeks in advance preventing me take any other booking from other site. She came and decided she wanted to stay near her kids and this place is too far from her kids. I told her to cancel and pay half instead of the full amount I am entitled to, she refused and left. I marked it as a no-show and I was assured by booking.com that they will compensate me since it's a risk free booking and I am entitled to the full amount. Since then, I have been unable to view her credit card details or charge her. Booking.com claimed they confirmed the card and everything is okay. They even guarantee that I will be able to view her credit card details on the 2nd of January. I placed several calls to booking.com explain how I lost a lot of revenue during peak season and how they can help me charge the card. I was told if by 3rd of January I still can't view the card, they will find another way to compensate me. It's 4th of January today and they have provided no tangible solution. Whenever I call, I get placed on hold. What can I do?