Security control (location) !more that 2 months without any call /mail and so still supsended

Hi all

On the 19Th of september, I got the famous mail annoucing that my establishment is suspended the time booking does its security control.Was supposed to be done within 10 days, we are more that 2 months later and still nothing.
The worst is that my last payment is also suspended 

I called and wrote many time, I fullfill the claim form and nobody comes back to me to explain what s goingon, what is the issue !! 

Does someone encounter the same issue and does he find the solution to have the right person within booking organistion to solve that ! Not only nobody can book in my hotel, but I miss my half part or september revenue and I need it !!! 

Thanks in a advance for your help!

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Claire - Accou… 1 year ago

Hi Sandrine,


Thank you for your message. As you have been waiting a long time for an answer to your concerns, I would advise to call partner services directly instead of sending a message in your extranet or posting here so that an actual Booking.com rep can look into the details of your request, based on your property information. Here are a list of phone numbers. 


Kind regards,