Viewing of Credit Card Details

Since today we issue difficulties with viewing the credit card details on you website for guest it's marked as

"Your guest's credit card details are not available. There was a problem retrieving the credit card information."


May be it's a bug on the website ? Thanks Hotel Eden reception

Sam Dingley 1 year ago

good luck you wont get your money!!! I have been fighting since July for a VCC that was never loaded with the money. Booking are liars and thieves 

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Reminder : You can only click to reveal full details on day 2 of the stay or if no show or cancelled and a fee is still due ( and was prepaid).



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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

Seems this is a huge variable, maybe country to country and your own policies. 

We can view our card details immediately with the booking (pay to hotel deposit or full payment depending on seasonal policy).

Cape Verde Holidays 9 months ago

Hi, we are new to BDC, we can see credit card details but no 3 digit security code (from back of card). How do you process the actual payment please?

Erik Petersen 1 year ago

And here in Macedonia we cannot even do that.  

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Anthony Gomez 11 months ago

Lost out on time just write it down everthing

Sam Dingley 11 months ago

I have eventually got paid the other day, three months later! I have been to hell and back with BDC and now I am insisting they give me compensation I:e all my outstanding invoices turned into credit notes, I have been refusing to pay them for stealing my money.