Why cant I pay invoices with a credit/debit card?

I have a friend that uses booking and he pays his invoices with credit card. For some reason I dont have that option and I had to wait 6 hours at the bank to pay. Also the commision from the bank was very high. 


Is there somethjng I am missing, this is killing me.

Daniella Uzice 2 years ago

Yes… I am having same problem. I am new to this business. Paid my 1st invoice in June via Bank transfer and the bank charges were more than the commission? 
Since then I have requested to pay by direct debit or debit card…as it’s not letting me register on the extranet… I have been sending emails since July and trying to call finance no hope at all. The number for finance dept on the invoice is a dead number. This is ridiculous. The other I had to ring a UK number got through then the agent said they will call me back to confirm number they did not I called again same thing, I called a 3rd time same *** Im really frustrated and I will not pay invoice until it gets sorted. Booking.com take 15% or more on commission, then you have to pay the bank transfer charges and then you have to pay for the overseas calls and they give you crap service… has anyone else had the same problem how and if did it get resolved? I am at the end of my tether. I rang on Monday and an agent promised to look into it and was supposed to call yesterday guess what I’m still waiting