3rd Party Payment Methods explained and advantages over BdC methods.


For those of you not using :

  • Payments by Booking
  • BdC Online Payments aka VCC issued by Booking


There are many ways to collect guest rates, deposit, additional fees, optional fees, and unique fees such as a per person per night city fee.


Examples of 3rd party payment methods

  • Bank Transfer - IBAN or bank account info
  • Payment Link -  many 3rd party providers have a feature where you can generate a one time link,
    • With a fixed tailored price for the Guest to pay.
      • Great for custom bookings like Pet Fee, use of an optional service.
      • unique locations where a local fee per person per night must be collected to then be paid to the local government.
  • Paypal.me
    • Share your https://paypal.me/name  link into  the New Reservation Template. 
    • Note this method allows guest to enter any amount.




Why would I use this versus BdC Payment Methods


  1. Less drama
  2. No delays on guest payments
  3. Faster refund options for partial or full, or unique situations.
  4. Prevent No Shows or limit them, and still get the cancellation fee, every time.
  5. Prevent Fake and scam bookings with a time limit added to the details in New Reservation template. Making its easier to and faster to cancel a reservation.


Its actually would dramatically reduce the calls and messages to Partner Support, by at least 80%.

Freeing PS team up for more complex issues and more time to work on verificaiton tasks and scheduling video call backs.


It's literally a win-win for everyone.

BdC still issue their commission invoice, and Partners just pay the commission amount.

No transaction fee to pay unless the service you use to pay an invoice charges you.


none of this is new , its been an option for years.


Let me put it another way, its no different than you using your own 3rd party PMS and or channel manager service.

The guest books and pays via your web based portal.



Example of how you would setup your NEW RESERVATION template


  • Payment Process and Policy Section
    • Dear Guest, we use 3rd party payment services for prepayment of Rate / Deposit / Optional service fees.
    • [optional] Please confirm any optional fees that apply via message, such as Pet Fee etc. so we can tailor your bill for prepayment. 
    • We provide the follow options for prepayment
      • paypal.me/propertyshortname
      • bank transfer to our IBAN acocunt
      • bank transfer via our bank info in pre IBAN format:
        • Bank Name
        • Sort Code
        • Account number etc
      • Other 3rd party services
      • We will send you a payment link as soon as all details are confirmed. If no extra nor optional fees such as pets apply, you will receive the link as soon as.
    • Time Limit -
      • In order to prevent fake bookings, there is an expiration of offer on this reservation of x days for reservations more than 48 hours away.
      • Failure to complete payment within the time limit and the reservation will be promptly cancelled with no option to undo.
      • Last Minute policy for prepayment is :
        • decide this for yourself.
    • Refund Policy
      • Should a refund case be agreed , we shall refund you via  x method, with full or partial based on our cancellation policy set on the reservation, or should we waive cancel or No Show fee.


Anyway for now thats the bones of it, tailor it and be creative how you write it , tone and all.


Hope that helps alot of ye.


Kind Regards







Anthony 2 years ago

Hi, this is a very good advise! Thank you!

Could you please explain more specific, how can I proceed if a guest did not pay, let's say in 48 hours?

Question 1. How can I cancel the booking without sanctions and how can I tell Booking.com not to take a commission for this booking? Where to click in the extranet?

Question 2. What "legally" can happen if I do not send my payment details to a guest ("intendedly" or "unintended") after the booking? Or will the payment details be sent automatically by Booking.com?


Steve Geisler 1 year ago

And now I find this one - even more clear than the other. Bravo!