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Hello. I have a question regarding my listing on Booking. We have recently added a room to the existing apartment and can now offer two bedrooms to families. I wonder how I can make it clear that the guests can choose either a one-bedroom (for couples or families with small children) or the two-bedroom option. There would be a difference in price, of course. Since the apartment is only one, it should show as unavailable as soon as there was a new booking. (Example: From the moment a family books the one-bedroom apartment  option, the two-bedroom option should become unavailable, too.) Hope I was clear enough. Thanks for your attention, Majda

Erin Aliaj
2 years ago

Hi Majda,

Your question is very clear. You should implement occupancy based pricing for the apartment. Choose your lead occupancy and price that as your BAR rate. Than you can derive the price up (increase price per person) should a family book the apartment. Click on the link below to understand and implement occupancy based pricing: 

Click Here to Setup Occupancy Based Pricing

Have a great weekend!

Majda Baric 2 years ago

Hello, Erin. Thanks for your reply. I know of this possibility of setting the price on the basis of the number of persons. This is not my case, though. A family of four, with two kids aged 2 and 4, for example, will choose the one-bedroom apartment option because they want their kids to sleep in the same room. A family with two teenagers will rather opt for the two-bedroom apartment. So this is not actually a price per number of persons, but a price per number of rooms. Do you have any suggestion for this specific case? Thanks, Majda

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Jarratt - Acco… 1 year ago

Hi Majda, if your bedding configuration suits, you can set child occupancy to differentiate pricing between children (up to 3 different age brackets) and adults; this may help to offer a more attractive rate to families with young children, and then you could contact them after the booking is confirmed to see if they would prefer the bedding all to be in one room, or to use the 2 rooms. Something else to consider. To set this up it is via the property tab > Policies > Child Occupancy. 


Further to that I would suggest contacting the partner support team via phone to walk through the options and decide which may be the most suitable for your situation. 


Kind regards,