Our new apartments not bookable


Akeksei Senin


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Claire - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Akeksei,


There could be many reasons why the apartment is not bookable. Have you already loaded room rates and availability, room photos, gone through all the facilities and services, and amenities. Do you work with a channel manager and have you connected that channel to us already? If you have done all these things then kindly call Partner Service to speak to someone as you cannot share your property ID here.


Please reach out to the Partner Services team directly if you want someone to help you with your specific listing. You can compose a message or give them a call via your extranet under Inbox > Booking.com messages. From here you will either see a ‘Contact Us’ button or ‘See Contact Options’  then under contact us select the relevant topic > Other > then click ‘See all contact Options > Message or Call.


Kindly note that your extranet is the best place to seek help as your inquiry will go to a specific department depending on the topic you choose when you send a message. This is space is mostly used as a forum. 


Kind regards,