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We had a guest checkin-in through a booking with booking.com who had a dog with her.  She showed a card that states Guide Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009 and the Card No.  The dog did not have a service harness or blanket.  We accommodated the guest however it barked excessively and left long hair on the couch and beds.  Given we are fully booked being Xmas and the apartment needed extensive cleaning to avoid "allergies" from the next guests, we had the lounge, carpet and bed professionally cleaned.  The guest refused to pay the bill and threatened with discrimination.   My question is "Should guests be required to advise that they are travelling with assistance animals? "  Had we of known prior to arrival, we would have accommodated the guest in a fully tiled apartment with leather lounge.  Any advise would be appreciated.


The Seaview Team 

BrookAve 2 years ago


Ideally, yes they should have said so, even if they are entitled to have the guide dog.

I'm suspicious of why the dog barked so much. As trained, they would only do that as a warning etc

It's not clear why they refused to pay.


The easiest way to refuse the booking, is just say the accommodation is not suitable for sight impaired guests.


Update your New Reservation template with a section for Sight-Impaired Guests, outline policies etc.




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