Booking Cancellation: Pre check in abusive guest


How do I cancel a booking of a guest creating conflict even before check in


Guest requested to check in at 11am. We responded by saying subject to availability. Guest is now going on telling us to stick to our word and insisting on an early checking, and comparing us to other units in the complex and insulting us in the process


How do we cancel this booking as it is better we do not proceed with such insults

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

Two methods,

1) Tell your guest to cancel as they are not happy, offer a full refund. This is the preferred and simplest way.

2) If 1 does not get the desired result you can only request a cancellation based on guest misconduct and provide proof. Make it clear to BDC you are not willing to cover relocation of the guest, ONLY a cancellation due to the guest's poor behavior and unreasonable demands.

BDC's response is, unfortunately, final as you are bound by contract.