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Does BDC have a property-staff Vaccination status declaration?

That's it in the title really, does a declaration exist on the lines of;

Number of staff = 5

number with one dose = 5

number with 2/full dosage = 5

Types of vaccine used = Pfizer, Astra Zenica, Sinovac

overall percentage of C19 vax'd staff. = 100%

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Janita - Accou… 1 year ago

Hi Fluff, 

All of the current vaccination and Covid-19 related phrases can be found under Property > View my descriptions, then at the bottom for the property opt to add to the fine print. There is nothing specific around staff percentages but there are other options there. 


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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago


Thanks for the answer although not what I was hoping for.

May I suggest this should be a headline item as it's far more important, currently, than the sustainable thing, whether a badge (syringe with a percentage?) or a flash.

We are now being asked this frequently via inquiries.

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Jarratt - Acco… 1 year ago

Hi Fluff and thanks for the feedback. Per Janita's message, if you would like to add this for your property now you can request it under the fine print. I would also suggest sending feedback via the Feedback button in the extranet (at the bottom of the page). The 'standard phrases' that can be added via a tick box are constantly changing to adapt to current circumstances and based on customer and partner feedback, so keeping an eye on these options is also advisable.


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