Double Booking Problems/Troubles

I'm guessing many hosts have experienced a similar problem-Booking.com keeps doubel booking my property.  I have my property on other common hosting sites.  All my calendars are synced with Booking.com.  I have checked the number of rooms available to sell.  All of that is taken care of on my end and still have consistent double bookings from Booking.com. It is maddening and as many of you likely know the support I receive from Booking.com is often times unhelpful at best, if not outright confusing.  Does anyone have some clarity about what I might be missing in my set up to avoid double bookings?  Thanks

BrookAve 1 year ago


so this will be my 501th  time saying this.... never ever rely on the BdC cal sync option...


If and only if you are trying to manage your listing on multiple OTA sites and partnerships

ABB, BDC, etc


Instead always sign up for a channel manager, yes there are plenty and different costs, free, low, sub monthly etc...


e.g. smoobu, syncbnb, evivio, cloudbeds, beds24 etc.. google for more




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Account Adviso… 1 year ago

Hi Andrew,

Using a Channel Manager will help greatly! On the top right hand corner of your Extranet, go to Account, followed by Connectivity Provider. There are many options around. Hope that clarifies.