Extremely bad review due to not accepting a dog.

I've been in touch with Booking.com and read the guidelines for removal of a review. It sems inherently lopsided in favour of the booker.

I received the worst review we've ever received, it's usually 9.5 or above, from a booker who was hopping mad that we could not accomodate her dog in the room. She emailed and texted a few weeks before arrival and asked us if we could accomodate her. We have a NO animal policy and it is clearly noted on every booking site we use.

Needless to say she refused to cancel her boking and when she arrived was irate about the dog not being allowed to stay in her room. I explained that our B&B doesn't take pets at all but she continued to be rude and  insisting that we should allow small pets in our rooms. She was here for 4 nights and was unpleasant every day she was here.

Booking.com says that they can't/won't do anything about the review. Do any of you have other advise or should I just chalk this up to a "one off" that prospective customers will tend to lookover when they are vetting places to stay.

Thx in advance


Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Booking.com allow unfair / unreasonable / hateful / spiteful / racist reviews. They won't remove it.

It'll stand out among all the good reviews so don't worry too much about it.

Next time you think a guest might do this, ask the guest to cancel but also go through the cancellation yourself, putting the reason as "Guest asked to cancel", and send a message to Booking.com support via the Extranet. Make sure you say that you will waive all the fees. Stand your ground on it.

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Fluff (new account) 2 years ago

You say you allowed her stay for 4 nights, did you allow the dog or was another arrangement made?


We have previously refused a guest entry for the same reason. Told them to request a refundable cancellation which we then granted. No review possible on BDC, although they did drop one elsewhere, we answered that factually and politely, making their rant look very silly indeed.

Other than that, ditto to the previous post.

White Rose Inn 2 years ago

I certainly did not allow her to bring her dog. She made other arrangements prior to arrival but was very unhappy about everything on arrival.

I’ll certainly take the cancellation route next time if this occurs.

Too bad that the policy of negative customer reviews without the ability to answer if the customers leave no comments need to be addressed by booking.com.

Thx for the replies.