"Find Extra Tags" option in photos

Hi there,

I type in (for example) 'laundry' in find extra tags but theres no where to to search and no drop down options.

How does this function work please?

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

It depends very much on the main headings section you are in. Some have further selections in a drop down, some don't. Overall the range of tags is still quite limited and there is no option to create your own.

Festus Akins 5 months ago

Hi Everyone,


Need Help creating new tags for photos??

According to the help pages, it is possible to add new tags..

Log in to the extranet

  1. Click on Property, then select Photos
  2. Select a photo, then click Options
  3. Click Edit or tag
  4. Select existing tags or create new tags
  5. Click Finish

    However the option to create a new tag does not exist anywhere.

    I can select an existing tag ( from a limited option) or I can "find other tags" but it really is very limited, e.g. no "Ensuite Bathroom" Tag, No "Master Bedroom" Tag etc

    Therefore I can't create a new tag for example to differentiate from Bedroom 1 and Bedroom 2.

    Any help, direction or advise is appreciated.