guest holding illlegal party with extensive damage to property

It two weeks now The apartment was booked on new year eve for two guests and the guest decided to hold a party by inviting 12 other illegal guests and holding a party at the apartment with much damage was done small deposit was taken from the but that is going to cover the cost of the real damage done before they left booking.com were clearly informed at the time of not take this booking as it was not looking genuine and suspicious but they would not let me cancel but wanted to penalize by putting a penalty for cancellation i have now spoken many couple dozen booking.com adviser and they all speak the same language the booking.com is not responsible for the damage and it, not their responsibility they guest no longer want to communicate with booking.com or with me and i don't have any address or contact to serve small claim through the court any suggestion do booking.com have London  office were i send summons 


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Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

You should always collect the guest's verified phone number and their address - there are settings in Policies for this

You should always collect a damage deposit - we use Damage Deposits by Booking.com - if that is not available to you, collect by bank transfer or use AirBnB etc

Always set party nights like New Year to be minimum 3/4/5 nights - those who want to party will find somewhere with only 1 or 2 nights minimum

If damage is done, report it to the police, and then report it to Booking.com - there is a "Guest Misconduct" link somewhere but remember that you are reporting it to Booking.com and they won't be interested in your problems

Take photos and other evidence of the damage for the police and insurance - fix the damage - claim on your insurance - get on with hosting the next guests


Clarendon Apar… 1 year ago

Isle of wight

many thanks for your input i did collect £200 in deposit but the damage is over £900 so i am out of pocket for £700 they have been sent all evidence but like u say they not interested but its their negligence for not canceling this booking when time and warned them but wanted too penalise me cancellation