Guest that left the ackommodation in a mess.

I have recently had a guest family who left the accomondation in a terryble mess,the apartment was extremly dirty, fecec on the toilet floor, the have slept in some beds without sheets ,refrigerator and freezer wery dirty, not to mention the kitchen floor, I write this to find out how to report this to Booking.com,I have really tried but it is impossible to find out how to report this. I really like to protect my fellow reners in Booking.com and try to exclude the family in order save problems for future renters.



Alessandro Miraldi 2 years ago

It is a shame that there is almost no information or help from booking when something goes wrong with guests. People are left to fend for themselves.

Ismini Karali 2 years ago

You can mark this reservation as guest misconduct, explain the issue and ban them from re booking to you