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I had a property manager running my home expedia etc and incl booking.com however due to dodgy mismanagement I sacked them in January. Now having set up a new account I wonder if they will still be getting payments emails bookings etc made through booking.com as they won't respond to my emails I am unsure that they actually have removed themselves.

Would this new account over ride the old? Does anyone know please?

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Fluff (new account) 2 years ago

No it won't, you will probably receive a "duplicate property" notification from BDC when trying to open the new account and it is the new account that will be suspended.

You will need to prove that you are the owner and that the previous account no longer has any right to your property in order to have the old account either shut down or transferred to you. Make sure you tell BDC that any bookings from the old account will either be refused entry or recharged at check in.  The guest will then need to apply for a refund from the old account. If you don't do this BDC will expect you to honour all bookings but receive no payments!


Contact BDC directly NOW, if possible in your area by phone, otherwise via Extranet message.


Change of ownership


Phone by country