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Holiday-Let mortgage letter from

We are applying for a 'Holiday Let' mortgage, and the bank is asking for a formal letter from to advise on expected high, mid and low seasonal rates for the property.

Is this something that anyone else here arranged in the past, and if you have, then could you please share the process to get it? 

Many thanks in advance for your help. 

BrookAve 1 year ago


  • That's not a thing, they cant predict it, no one can.
  • No one can guarantee what you get in terms of future booking forecast, no matter how positive one is.
  • That idiot in the bank needs a swift kick up da arse for asking for that.


By all means message Partner Support, and see what they say.

They likely will tell you to go to the analytics section on the far right of the extranet menu.



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Cosy Burrows 1 year ago

Yes, exactly, no one can guarantee the bookings and the revenue. The bank requirement makes no sense to me at all. But as it's just a tick in the box to move the file forward, I will see how a letter can be arranged from 

Thank you for pointing me to analytics, I will check that out and message the partner support as well. Cheers!