How-To Change the Property Name of My Listing


So I spotted this again so decided to compact it into another guide .


Alternative titles:

  • How do I rename my property
  • How do I change my listing Name
  • How to change name on my property listing


Summary of the Steps:

  • Logon to Extranet
  • Go to the PROPERTY menu
  • Select General Info
  • Now where it says Property Name , under it is a link for 'CHANGE PROPERTY NAME'.
  • Select that and a popup pane will appear.
  • Remember to keep it short and unique, now set the new name.
  • Click NEXT


Change Listing Property Name




Beach House at… 1 year ago

thank you for the details. will I lost my ratings and reviews associated with the property listing whose name is being changed? I note, nothing will change including ownership etc, just the name of the property