How do I find a real person to talk to at Booking.com

I Good Day

I have been trying for days to try and resolve an issue with a same-day booking that was made from Booking.com to NightsBridge for us. 

On NightsBridge we set it up that we do not receive same day bookings, however this booking was made and guests arrived in the dark, in the middle of load shedding (blackout) at our gate, without a gate code, where there is no cell reception even if there is power. Although we did have a chalet  available and got the geyser going (once the power returned), we were not prepared for the guests. They were upset and tired since they got lost and were unable to contact us. All of these reasons why we do not want same-day bookings.

I have read every link and tutorial but cannot change or check why the booking could have been made in the first place. On the Booking.com side I am told to go to calendar change a setting on list view but the setting is not available, I need to make it on NightsBridge side, which I have but it is not communicated or applied to Booking.com. And round and round and round....

The site says that we are coming right Contact Us, but this link just take you to more explanations and tutorial. 

HOW do I get hold of a real person to speak to???







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Carlo 2 years ago

There isn't. I'm sure they're all bots. AI of machine learning. That includes "Sergei" as well.

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Claire - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Hanlin Lodge,


Sorry to hear about the situation regarding those guests. 

There are a few extra steps to get to the phone number section in your extranet. 


You can call partner services via your extranet under Inbox > Booking.com messages. From here you will either see a ‘Contact Us’ button or ‘See Contact Options’  then under contact us select the relevant topic > Other > then click ‘See all contact Options > Message or Call.


Kindly note that your extranet is the best place to seek help as your inquiry will go to a specific department depending on the topic you choose when you send a message.


Here is a list of other phone numbers in case you still can't find the phone number in your extranet. 

Kind regards,



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Carlo 2 years ago

Thank you Chin, much appreciated!