how to open my booking for refundable listing ..


Since i change my some listing from refundable to non refundable . on this basis booking.com has closed my all listing till further notice. now i want to open my listing as refundable . but my listing isnt opening ...

i request you to please solve my querry 



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Jarratt - Acco… 2 years ago

Hi Sameer, 


There may be some other issue here as Booking.com will not close your listing simply because you change your cancellation policies. There may be an issue with your availability, or something else causing this. I've put some details below but if this doesn't help, please contact partner support. 


You should have the option to set your cancellation policies in the extranet, via the Property tab > Policies page. Here you can edit the existing policies to how you wish your rates to be advertised. 


You can check which policies are attached to which rate plans by clicking into the Rates tab > Rate Plans. You will be able to edit any existing rate plans to change the policy that is linked to it. 


If you need any further help with this, please contact the partner support team directly, the contact details are via the Inbox > Booking.com Messages. You can send a message, or call them directly. 


Kind regards,