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has anyone of you made a standard and monthly rate in which you set the monthly rate to a minimum stay of 28 days with discount which then affected your daily standard rate? For example, a guest only booked 9 days and he only paid the discounted price base on the monthly rate. I mean the guest did not book the place for a month. Why would the platform automatically take the monthly rate when there is an available standard rate.


Haley Eder
1 year ago

Hello Francia,

Please check that your monthly rate plan has the required room nights in place that you want them to stay. I am thinking this restriction may not be applied if he was able to book with a 9 night stay on a monthly rate plan.

Please see more here about setting up monthly rates.




Francia Lagman 1 year ago

Hi Haley,

Thanks for your response. But I really do not understand why it happened when the 28 min. stay to get a monthly rate is stated in he plan. But the platform cannot answer this. 

I deleted the monthly plan to prevent it from happening. 



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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

No point anyway, the monthly plan is not live yet. The system still maxes out 30 days on the front end.

Laura Llamas Fraga 3 months ago

I had set up the monthy rate and the standard rate. Same thing happened. Three new reservations were paying much less because booking automatically gave them the monthy rate discount!!! And the reservations were just for a few days - not a month. I talked to booking back and forth and basically they dont take any responsibility. Instead of reimbursing me with the price difference they are asking guests to pay the new price and WARNED me that if the guests dont accept the new rate and they have to relocate them, I would need to pay the additional costs. Incredible! Thank you, booking for supporting your partners.