My reservations management


first of all I’m so exited about your services.

i have received some reservations but unfortunately my appartement has Been booked from 8 January till 8 February over another operator and I would like to add this information in order to not receive reservation for this period . 
i have tried to cancel the reservations but I didn’t receive notification from you 

could you please help me 

thaank you in advance 


BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Souad, welcome


  • Unfortunately you have fallen into the same trap many have, due to not reading everything before signing up.
  • Once your calendar shows availability, immediately after to create Room Types and Rate Plans, its open to book
  • Also any attempt to link calendar from BdC to another OTA , without the use of a 3rd party service called Channel Manager will result in double and over bookings, thats just a fact. As you cannot be awake 24/7 to manually block the opposite OTA calendar. e.g. smoobu, evivio, cloudbeds, beds24 synbbnb, etc
  • When this double booking occurs and you take contact the Guest, you have no choice but to either:
    1. click Request Cancellation on their details page and wait for guest to respond, which can be a bad thing , if they never do or take too long.
    2. Phone Partner Support immediately. You may end up getting a relocation invoice. In some cases if BdC are aware of a glitch then they will not penalises you.


There is no information to add, you just need to manage it better and use a channel manager , or remove the link to the other OTA calendar, and close one of the 2 or more OTAs linked.


You can have your cake and eat it too, without a channel manager, to manage the calendars as gold master copy.




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