payment by booking.com

hallo, when the payment by booking.com will be send to my bank account ?

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Amy - Communit… 1 year ago

Hi Asma,

If you're referring to virtual credit cards for payments by booking, once a reservation is made you can see in the Finance section where your cards are stored for the reservations - then you can access the card and charge it when the guest arrives like a typical credit card. 

I hope this is what you're referring to...If not, let us know.


Amy H 

asma nurbaikah 1 year ago

the guest made online payment, and when booking.com will transfer to my bank account?

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

You will need to check the payment system in your Extranet account or contact BDC by phone or message to ascertain which method you are set up for.

As Amy Hope said, if you are set up for virtual card payments (VCC) you will receive a VCC card number from BDC to pass through your card machine. This is not a method we can use so am not familiar with timing. To be able to process VCC you must have an EDC card machine with the facility of customer-not-present payments, consult your bank for details.

If you receive payment by bank transfer it will be made to you on the 15th of the month following the check out date of the booking in question. Some partners have weekly pay outs.


Having said all that many partners are complaining of missing payments...